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Online Training and Nutrition Regimes

Online training is great for people who want a trainer but fall into one of the following categories,

-Too busy to make training sessions but still need accountability and structure-

-Live in a remote location with no access to trainers or training facility-

-Want to be pushed and need the full guidance, knowledge, and support of a trainer but lifestyle will not allow them to go to a training facility- 

With the help of a trainer present in your life you will get the same results as you would coming in for physical sessions but you will still have the freedom of your schedule.

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Private sessions and customized nutritional coaching

Personal training is a great way to get in shape, lose weight, and build muscle, all while being in a comfortable environment supervised by a trainer. Working alongside a professional trainer allows you to push boundaries you wouldn't be able to do on your own so your progress can accelerate faster. All sessions are fully customized to the client's specific goal and nutrition coaching is included with the purchase of sessions.


Choteau Location: Inside Pivot Physical Therapy

124 Main Ave N, Choteau MT, 59422

Great Falls Location: Volta Athletics

701 River Dr S Unit 5, Great Falls, MT 59405

Contact or (360) 761-9702 for business hours

*Business hours based on appointments*

Children welcome!

Services Offered: Services
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NPC Bikini

NPC Womens Wellness

NPC Women's Figure

My job as a Bodybuilding contest prep coach is to get you from your current physique to stage physique. Together we will come up with a show (or shows) we want to aim for, strategize how we will get there, what it will take, and how long it will take your body to become stage ready. I will put you on a meal plan and workout split that will be constantly updated to compliment your continuously changing body to make sure you keep progressing towards your stage body. 

If you are a first timer I will guide you through picking out your show suit, where to go for tanning, how to meal prep (if needed), and for the ladies, what shoes to wear and where to get them, and how your hair, makeup, jewelry, and nails should be. 

Since prep is a very hands on process that requires a lot of attention, I REQUIRE clients do at least weekly progress check-ins with me, whether that be via in person or Zoom.


If you are planning on doing your prep with me in person we will come up with a schedule of when to come in for a check-in where we will do posing practice, updates, trouble shooting, and see how progress is going.


If you are doing your prep online, I require weekly picture updates and a progress report via scheduled phone call or Zoom session. We will do posing practice via Zoom.

All prep clients have 24 hr. access to me via text or email for troubleshooting and/or questions. 

Services Offered: Services
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