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Read reviews from a handful of real clients who have worked with Paige, both in person and online, about their experiences training with P.H. Fitness and Coaching

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Ashley Johnsen

"Paige Goodman  isn’t just any average coach ... She is an AMAZING coach  ! I had been terrified for YEARS to go to the gym . This year I finally worked up the courage to walk thru those doors and I am so happy I did because my life will for ever be changed . Paige took the time to sit down with me and reassure me that everything would be all right and she wouldn’t let anyone laugh at me . She asked me what was my reasoning for joining , what were my issues, what were my goals . Then we did my very first work out . She was very patient with me but knew how hard to push me . I walked out of the gym feeling proud and confident that I could keep up this lifestyle . We continued to train for 2 months and I was instantly seeing progress . I wasn’t as winded and sore as the first couple times . Paige is always happy to help with any questions I have . She is very knowledgeable in nutrition and targeting all of my problem areas she also has an amazing ,outgoing , up beat attitude. Going from a super sedentary lifestyle , terrible eating habits ,and absolutely no confidence to being in the gym 4-6 times a week , Eating clean , losing 9 % body fat in 2 months and having much more confidence has truly changed my life for the better. There is no way I can repay her for helping me when I couldn’t even help myself, the only thing I can do is keep it up to make her proud  . So if you are looking for someone who truly cares about their clients , who wants you to succeed, who will always go the extra mile  , and who will help you reach your goals then I highly recommend choosing Paige as your coach."

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Wintermarie Hayes

"P.H. Fitness and Coaching has changed my life and continues to change my life every day. I grew up playing sports and being very athletic. Once I stopped playing, I found myself not making time to take care of my body and honestly, I didn't know how to without having a coach to tell me what workouts to do. With time, I started mistreating my body, looking at myself in a negative way, and carelessly putting bad things in my body more and more. Every now and then I would get this rush of motivation where I would workout for a couple of weeks, try diet plans to lose weight fast, try juice and food cleanses to starve myself, and spontaneously go vegetarian or vegan or snapshot a plan off of Instagram to make myself feel better. But that never lasted. It was only temporary. Finally, I was introduced to P.H. Fitness and Coaching and it has been life changing. It's the first time I've been able to stay consistent and actually enjoy and feel excited about what I'm doing. It's not just about the fitness. It's about what's aching deep down in a person when they look at themselves in the mirror, or in pictures, or compared to other people and they genuinely don't see themselves as beautiful. The coaching aspect of P.H. Fitness and Coaching is so personal. Paige truly cares about you and all of your insecurities, your scary thoughts about yourself, and your goals. I've never felt afraid to just be honest about what I'm feeling. To have someone that you can talk to who helps you understand things at a deeper level and from an educational standpoint really helps change your perspective so that you can see things past the battle going on in your head. My weight loss journey didn't start with changing the number on the scale. It started with acknowledging the personal battle and respecting the time and patience that it takes to learn how to treat your body like a temple. Without Paige and her guidance, knowledge, love, and sincerity, I would not know that or be where I am today"

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Rob Olson

"I cannot say enough about how thankful I am for all of Paige's guidance. I used to work out 7 days a week and play sports but no matter how hard I worked I could never get the body that I wanted or that I felt I should have. I spent thousands of dollars and wasted years of my life trying to figure out how to change my body composition but not a single diet plan I ever tried worked. I would do so much research on my own to find answers but it's impossible to tell what is good information and what is bad information so I was always left with more questions than answers. I don't know how to say this in a way that isn't going to make me sound like I'm getting paid to say this, but Paige single handedly changed everything for me. She made nutrition so simple and turned my toxic relationship with food into an incredible new way to live. I seriously cannot thank Paige enough. I owe absolutely all of my success, confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge to her. I 100% recommend her as a coach/trainer to anyone and everyone. In my opinion, she's without a doubt the greatest coach in the world."

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"Paige is a brilliant trainer! She is very well versed in both how the body works and in nutrition. I learnt proper form and tons of new techniques while training with Paige. She really knows her stuff! She is also such a kind human and very easy to talk to. I really looked forward to coming in to train with her each time. Thank you Paige!"

Candice Bailey

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"Working with Paige, my competition trainer, has not only increased my physical strength and knowledge, but my self confidence and motivation. Paige cares very much about her clients and encourages them in every way that she can. She loves to celebrate the victories her clients achieve, whether in weight loss or in life. I greatly appreciate all that Paige has done for me in the past 4 months and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future. Here's to training for more competitions with Paige"

Stephanie Thiele

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Curtis Graham

"To whom it may concern, my name is Curtis Graham. I have been training with Paige Goodman since December 19, 2018. I was nervous at first to invest the money in training however was traveling to Hawaii for a business meeting and wanted to look better on the beach. Paige is a fantastic personal trainer who helped me reach every goal I set, and the goals she set for me. She was involved in my nutrition, supplements and of course workout plan. She mixed up my routine and challenged my body every workout. I gained ground from the start and looked great in Hawaii with every college and friends I saw commenting how great of shape I was in. It felt awesome!. Paige knows her trade and will be a benefit to anyone looking for help with their training plan. I included a few recent photos and have lost 8 lbs of body fat and gained 9 lbs of muscle. Paige also made sure she set me up with a new trainer, before she moved to Montana, who will keep my goals alive. I cant give before photos however I was really out of shape and very weak. Thank You Paige for what you do. Sincerely, Curtis Graham"

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Morgan Carpenter

"I had been weightlifting with the goal of gaining muscle for about a year when I started working with Paige.  I hadn’t seen any progress and was really frustrated. I had convinced myself that my goals just weren’t achievable for my body type.  When I met with Paige for the first time she encouraged me that my goals were totally achievable with the right nutrition and workout plan.  Over the next few months Paige educated me on what supplements to take when, how to adjust my nutrition, and what workouts I should be doing.  She took the time to explain exactly what each supplement would do for muscle gain. My meal plans were customized, easy to follow, and she would update them as needed for muscle gain.  As for the workouts, Paige always pushed me to my limits and modified them for me as needed. I have a hip injury from when I was younger and Paige was able to challenge me in my workouts without exacerbating my hip problems.  She was always available to answer questions and she worked hard to make sure my nutrition was on track. With Paige’s help and education, I have now gained 9 lbs of muscle in a few months which is something I was trying to do on my own for a year! I put on a swimsuit the other day and for the first time in my life I loved the way I looked.  Having Paige as a trainer is one of the smartest things I have ever done, and it has changed my life."

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"Paige was my personal trainer for over 6 months. She was knowledgeable, personable and didn’t just treat me as a client or customer, but as a friend who genuinely wanted to help me. She helped me create reasonable body fat loss goals, encouraged me not to give up when it got hard and celebrated my successes. I have always enjoyed exercise but she really helped me to love it and reap the benefits. Combined with her nutrition knowledge I got down to a body fat percentage that I never knew was possible for me. I have deep rooted eating issues and she suggested a book that really helped me understand for the first time in my life that “Food is Fuel” and I need to eat like I believe that. I highly recommend Paige for training any and all body types and backgrounds without any reservations. I would use her again in the future without a doubt!"

Carrie Jahns

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Hunter W, after.jpeg

"Paige was an amazing coach and couldn’t have been better. She was super hands-on and always open for questions. She was really fast with getting back at anything I needed. The diet plan and training were always perfect and made great adjustments personalized to my needs. She motivated me to work as hard as I could and was there at my side the whole process! She was the best coach ever and a super nice and comfortable person"

Hunter Webster

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